What’s the Best Airplane Pillow for Long Flights in 2017?

Let Us Help You Find the Best Flight Pillow for A Long Haul Flight

You’ve finally booked your dream vacation, and you’re not concerned with the long haul flight ahead. The flight will be over quickly, but the neck pain will persist. Long flights get uncomfortable, and before you know it, you’ll wish you had a pillow to rest your head.

Trtl Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow

Our favorite for 2017

Comfortable Travel Pillow

A very close runner-up

Travelrest – Ultimate Travel Pillow / Neck Pillow – Ergonomic

A great ergonomic choice

The best flights are those where you wake up at your destination well rested.

Even if you don’t want to sleep, a proper airplane pillow will help keep your neck aligned so that you avoid aches and pains in the process.

We’ve researched a few of the best models on the market, and we’ll review them below. But before you dive right into the reviews, you need to know how to properly compare each pillow. We recommend comparing:

  • Washable: A washable design is important because bacteria and stains can cause a pillow to look worn and attract mold. If a pillow is not washable, it’s not a pillow that can be used for the long-term without looking dingy.
  • Inflatable vs Material: An inflatable pillow will lose air, but they have the advantage of being small in size when deflated. The downside of an inflatable pillow is that it can’t be made from head-fitting memory foam or materials that allow for a proper ergonomic position of the neck. The pillow should match your sleep style.
  • Straps: Keeping a full-sized travel pillow in your hand is difficult when walking through the airport or hopping on the train. Straps allow a pillow to be affixed to a piece of luggage so that your hands have more freedom.

Our Picks for the Best Airplane Pillow

Trtl Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow – Grey in color (four colors are available), this pillow is different. When you first see this pillow, you’ll notice it’s super thin and long. The reasoning for these sleek dimensions is that the Trtl wraps around your neck much like a scarf.

This allows the neck to be properly supported, and you can doze off with the pillow supporting your head.

During rest, this pillow keeps the head in an ergonomic position, and it’s half the size of a normal travel pillow. Machine washable, this soft neck support attaches to luggage and is 3.5” thick for added comfort.

This unique pillow is said to have reinvented the travel pillow, and it’s been featured in everything from GQ to Good Morning America.

Comfortable Travel Pillow, Get Wrapped in Extreme Comfort – Crafty World creates a comfortable travel pillow that’s designed in three different colors. This is a standard U-shaped neck pillow, yet it’s comfort level is anything but normal. This is the pillow recommended to users with chronic neck pain and discomfort.

High quality, thermos memory foam molds to your neck as you sleep to provide optimal support for your neck.

An elastic strap is included, too. The strap allows you to attach the pillow to your suitcase for easy carry. The dimensions of this travel pillow are 12” x 11.5” x 3.5” to allow for a compact pillow that’s big enough for tall and short users.

Travelrest – Ultimate Travel Pillow – Travelrest offers the perfect travel pillow for train and airplane rides. This model rolls up nice and small for easy storage, and it’s the only pillow on the market that offers complete lateral support.

This pillow is long, and the top lays under the head, while the rest of the pillow goes across the chest and rests under the arm.

With lateral support, your head won’t fall forward. This pillow inflates with a few breaths, and when finished, you can deflate it to a size of 2” x 9” x 3.5” when rolled. Side sleepers love this pillow for the added support, and the pillow can loop around headrests for extra comfort.

JetComfy Travel Pillow – JetComfy’s travel pillow is unique because it has an extension arm that clips to armrests. This model is designed for frequent travelers, and the patented system allows you to adjust this pillow to match your sleeping position.

Users simply angle the pillow and raise the arm as needed.

The pillow is padded with 2” of memory foam for optimal comfort. While cradling your face, you can adjust the position of the pillow from the height, tilt and swivel to position the pillow just right.

Aluminum and ABS are used in the unit’s design. The pillow weighs just 1.1 pounds. You can purchase a built-in USB power pack, too, that’s designed specifically for JetComfy.

Travel Pillow & Carrier Bag in One – Travel Pillow offers a memory foam airplane pillow that has an attached carry bag. A bonus eye mask and ear plugs are offered, and the unique design allows the pillow to attach to a carry bag. The pillow is U-shaped, and rebound memory foam is used to reduce neck strain.

This is a great pillow for the new traveler due to the mask and earplugs provided.

Side pockets allow for small devices to be stored, and the pillow’s dimensions are 9.7” x 6” x 4.9”. The weight of the pillow is a mere 13.6 ounces. A zipper is present on the pillow that allows the cover to be removed and washed as needed.

Buyer’s Guide –  How to Choose the Best Travel Neck Pillow for You

Travel neck pillows for airplanes are difficult to pick. There are a lot of great neck pillows that offer proper neck support. When you go to choose your pillow, you’ll want a pillow that puts support first – no one wants neck pains when traveling.

Airplane Pillow Long Flights

We’re going to help you pick the best travel neck pillow by telling you the most important features and specs.

  • Size: You don’t want to walk around the airport with a full-sized pillow that’s cumbersome. A proper travel pillow is sized just right. Look for a pillow that’s lightweight and offers ample space for your head and neck.
  • Reviews: Other travelers are using neck pillows, too. The usefulness of reviews is priceless. Read reviews from others that have used a pillow you’re interested in buying to get an inside scoop into what people liked and didn’t like about the pillow.
  • Type or Style: U-shaped pillows are the standard in the travel pillow industry, but new designs are coming to light. Pay attention to the type and style of the pillow you choose to see what shape is offered. A lot of manufacturers are abandoning the U-shape for more innovative, supportive designs.
  • Extras: Some pillows, like the last one on our list, come with extras that make travel even more blissful. Look at the extras and take them into consideration, too. Extras can include pockets, carry innovation and even small power packs that can power a USB device (smartphones or tablets).

The above points will lead you in the right direction when trying to decide among different travel pillows.