The Best Travel Jacket for Men Reviews Guide for 2017

Let Us Help You Find the Best Lightweight Jacket for Travel After 2016

A lightweight travel jacket is essential for travelers. Whether you’re flying an hour away for a weekend getaway or you’re going to England to explore medieval castles, you need the best travel clothes in your suitcase.

XY37 Men Travel Jacket Hoodie 10

Our favorite for 2017

Camo Coll Men’s Outdoor Soft Shell Hooded Tactical Jacket

A very close runner-up

Royal Robbins Men’s Convoy Travel Blazer

A cool jacket!

You’ve packed your socks, pants, shirts, but did you remember to bring one of the most important items along: a travel jacket?

No one wants to walk around with a big, bulky jacket unless it’s a necessity. You’ll need to bundle up in Russia during the winter, but during the warmer months, you don’t need to be weighed down by your jacket.

We’re going to review a few of the best travel jackets for men.

And you can use these tips to compare each jacket:

  • Pockets: You need pockets to hold your important items: phone, passport, identification, wallet and so on. Zippered pockets should be available to help avoid pickpockets, and there should be ample space, so you have your necessary items safe and secure in your jacket.
  • Water Resistant: A wet jacket will lead to the wearer being cold, and it can ruin a trip. Water resistance is important to keep the user comfortable as well as keep all the user’s personal items from becoming damaged or wet.
  • Hood: Do you need a hood? Keeping your head warm is essential. If you’re going to a rainy destination or a destination that’s known for having high winds, you’ll appreciate a hood that keeps your ears from getting cold. No one likes the stinging feeling of ice cold air on their ears.

Reviews of the Best Travel Jacket for Men

XY37 Men Travel Jacket Hoodie – The XY37 is a warm, 95% cotton and 5% spandex jacket with a zipper closure. This jacket has room for all your important travel items: phone, documents, passport and more. You’ll find room for every item with ten practical pockets offered.

You can store every item possible in this jacket, including earplugs and even a stand-up drink.

A neck pillow is built-in to the jacket and can inflate and deflate in two seconds. There are built-in face masks and eye masks, too. This innovative design allows for a truly practical jacket that never weighs you down.

This jacket is water resistant, too.

Camo Coll Men’s Tactical Jacket – Camo Coll offers a men’s outdoor jacket that’s designed with 94% polyester and 6% spandex. The lining is made of 100% polyester. Hooded, this jacket ensures the user’s head stays warm, so if you’re going to a cold or windy destination, this is a must-have jacket.

Water- and wind-resistant, this jacket has plentiful pockets and a drawstring on the hook and waist. There are also adjustable wrist cuffs.

Nearly a dozen color and pattern options are available. This jacket is offered in four sizes, and the lining keeps wearers warm and toasty all night long. This is a sturdy jacket with zippered closures and the functionality to be worn when hiking, fishing or camping.

Royal Robbins Men’s Convoy Travel Blazer – Royal Robbins offers some of the best men’s travel clothes on the market. The company’s travel blazer is a good addition to any wardrobe because it compliments a man’s attire. You can wear a t-shirt underneath while staying warm thanks to the blazer.

When traveling in autumn or spring, this is a must-have jacket.

Designed with 67% polyester, 21% cotton and 12% nylon, this jacket is comfortable and durable. A secure document pocket is incorporated in the jacket as well as internal travel pockets to store your most sensitive items.

A chest pocket with a button closure is present, too.

Sun protection of UPF 50+ keeps the sun from burning the wearer.

Weekender Correspondent Travel Jacket – The Weekender Correspondent is a great jacket that has pockets galore. The jacket is made from 70% cotton and 30% nylon, and it comes in a khaki color. Zip-off sleeves allow you to convert this jacket into a vest, which is a nice option for regions where weather changes abruptly.

Water- and wrinkle-resistant, this jacket has an elastic waist to conform to the wearer’s body, adjustable cuffs for comfort and a phone pocket to keep your phone safe from breakage.

There’s ample storage offered for maps, passports, traveler’s checks, water bottles and more. Reinforced stitching allows this jacket to remain durable no matter the rugged environment of the wearer. This is a great all-around jacket that easily converts to a vest.

AyeGear J25 Jacket and Vest with 25 Pockets – AyeGear J25 is a leading travel jacket, and has been mentioned in Forbes and other leading publications, too. Where this jacket excels most is in storage. There are 25 pockets available to hold everything from passports to tablets and even your cell phone.

There are two, touch-sensitive pockets as well as clear film pockets to see your phone screen and even tap it when needed right through the pocket.

A pocket for credit cards is present, and there are detachable sleeves and a hood, too. The J25 is waterproof, windproof and breathable. This jacket is a must-have for every traveler, and it also can be worn in hot or cold climates.

It’s the perfect jacket for every occasion.

Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose the Right Travel Jacket for You

Travel jackets are an investment everyone should make if they’re avid travelers. Even an avid hiker, biker, fisherman or runner will find that travel jackets provide warmth, comfort and more pockets than a person can fill.

Travel Jacket for Men

When trying to choose the right jacket, you’ll come across a lot of obstacles.

All the jackets listed above are enticing and offer a great option for travelers. Pockets are plentiful and the jackets are often resistant to wind and rain, allowing them to work well in most climates.

So, how do you choose the right jacket?

There are a few things worth considering:

  • Price: Jackets can be expensive. You need to sit down and make a budget to really narrow down your choices. Some jackets are inexpensive, while others can cost quite a bit, although they often offer better material and storage options.
  • Type: Each jacket has its own material, which often suffices, but having the ability to zip off the sleeves is great for warmer climates. When it comes to versatility, jackets with removable sleeves or hoods work best because they can be worn in hot and cold climates. This is a point to consider and will vary based on your travel preferences.
  • Sizes: Yup, even size matters. We’re a fan of jackets that have elastic near the waist because they fit snug and keep wind from going up our backs. If a jacket doesn’t offer this tight fit on the bottom, it’s worth seeing what other people say about the fit. You always want a snug-fitting jacket that allows for full range of motion and ample wind resistance.