How to Pack the Army Way

A army man pack his luggagePacking luggage for a trip or packing clothes for storage and be a challenge for certain. Some people seem to be better at it than others, but that can simply be because those people have the training to do so. The Army requires such training in packing clothes, and its methods make for saving space and leaving clothes almost wrinkle free. Considering the prices charged by airlines for extra baggage, having this knowledge on hand can be extremely beneficial. Many people call this concept “Ranger Rolling.” The idea behind rolling clothing so tightly it looks like a burrito, no matter what size the original garment happens to be, is for the sake of saving as much space as possible.

How to Ranger Roll T-Shirts

First, lay the shirt flat on a surface. Take the bottom hem and turn it inside out and roll it up a few inches for the sake of slack at the end of the roll. Keep the corners smoothed out and straight to avoid bulges and wrinkles. These things can mess up the roll. Fold both sides over the center, and fold the sleeves back in the opposite direction of their side of the shirt. There should be about a six-inch wide roll information at this point. Starting with the collar, roll it as tightly as possible. The tighter the roll, the neater the final product will be.

How to Ranger Roll Shorts

To begin, start with laying the shorts flat on a table after turning the top inside out by a couple of inches. Keep the shorts to where the bottom faces downward. Keep everything centered as much as possible. Fold one side over the center, and make the other side fold to match. Then, starting at the bottom hem, roll the shorts upward. Then, wrap the hem over the top to secure the roll. If the shorts have a drawstring, then either tuck them into the roll or wrap them around the outside of the roll.

How to Ranger Roll Towels

Once more, start out with the article laying flatly on a surface. Have the shorter sides facing the body. Fold one of the short ends under about 1/8 of the way. Then, the rest of the towel should be tri-folded over the center vertically. Rotate the fold to the left, and then begin rolling. A pocket should be at the top of the fold, which can be wrapped around the rest of the fold.


Packing the Army way may take a great deal of time to learn. Once the skill is mastered, however, it can be employed with ease and precision. Even an entire week’s worth of clothing can fit in something as small as a carry-on using this method. It can also mean saving a great deal of space in the dresser, too. Remember, the tighter the roll is at the beginning, the tighter the end product will be.